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Building for the Future
Over the next eight years in Stafford Borough - there is planned to be a 5.8% increase in the population locally - some 7,500 more people living locally. Of those 7,000 will be 65 years old or more. There will be more people under 15 with a corresponding drop in the number of young people aged 16 to 24. But the increase in the over 65s is a 27.5% increase in number, against today.

We need to make sure we’ve built the right homes, for the right people, in the right place, to the right quality and standard.

As Cabinet Member for Communities - we need to be the ones encouraging people to build the right homes in the right locations - persuading people to work together and galvanises activity, to ensure we deliver for people wanting to live locally in good quality housing - of all different types and sizes. We can only deliver that through our partners though.
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Voting at Stafford and Rural Homes Annual General Meeting, 2015 - for excellence in Build - with Mayor and Mayoress Peter and Joy Jones - September 2015
Opening of Stafford and Rural Homes rural exception site at Highfields Close, Swynnerton with ex-Borough Councillor, Stan Highfield, Karen Armitage, Chief Executive of Stafford and Rural Homes, Roy James, Chair of Swynnerton Parish Council and Jonathan Seddon, Managing Director of Seddon Construction Ltd. - July 2015
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