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Campaign to Keep "the Last Bank in Town" Open
From December 2014 to March 2015, a strong campaign was mounted to keep 'the last bank' in Eccleshall open, including :-

  Meeting with the Chief Executive of Nat West
  Meeting with the Chief Executive of parent co - RBS
  Presenting a 750 signature petition to the Borough
  Passing a motion in mian Council to write to
  George Osborne, Eric Pickles and Vince Cable
  asking them to keep the bank open
  Meeting with Eric Pickles to discuss the issue
  A motion in the House of Commons by Sir William
  Cash to discuss the planned closure

Whilst the bank still closed in March 2015, Nat West did agree to bring a mobile banking unit to support the town instead and since it started in August 2015, between 40 - 50 people attend every week in the hour it is on The Old Smithy car park.
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At the start of the new mobile bank visiting Eccleshall with Martin King, proprietor of The Old Smithy, Christine Heelis, Clerk to Eccleshall Parish Council and Clive Robert, Nat West Bank Manager, Stafford - August 2015
National Westminster Bank, High Street, Eccleshall - closed March 2015
Rt. Hon Sir Eric Pickles, MP - Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government - February 2015
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