Grew up in the village of Bibury in Gloucestershire. She was privately educated at Downe House School in Newbury, Berkshire. She studied art history at Newcastle University and the Courtauld Institute of Art, specialising in Russian Art.

Worked for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the British auction house Christie's before founding Russian Art and Culture, an online arts magazine in 2011. Founded the Coalition for Global Prosperity.

She first decided to get involved in campaigning after the election expenses scandal because she believed it was about time we had people with real world experience in Parliament. It was thensheI realised how important politics is and how it affects our everyday lives.
Stafford MP - Theo Clarke
Theo Clarke can be contacted either via the Stafford Constituency office on 01785 245444 or through clicking here to Theo's website
In Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday 20th 2021, Theo Clarke urged the Prime Minister to back her campaign to tackle flooding in Staffordshire and establish a flood control centre in Stafford that residents can call 24/7 to get help.
Theo Clarke speaking in the Houses of Parliament
on Staffordshire County and Stafford Borough Councils
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