As part of the push for developing renewable energy, with many government-backed subsidies, wind turbines have been appearing on the UK's historic landscape in increasing numbers. Not necessarily in 'farms' but in single figure numbers, multiplying their impact on the areas that they are planted in. It does not seem to necessarily be about trying to find the most effective sites locally and then building 'a farm' either

Slindon was threatened with one such development. However the local residents - 95% of whom were against the development - worked tirelessly to create a 1,600 name petition against the turbines, which was presented by Ward Councillor, Jeremy Pert, to Stafford Borough Council's Mayor in the main Council meeting in July 2012
Save our Skyline - Slindon
A 1,600 signature petition against the threat of installing two wind turbines on hills in Slindon - at the time it was the largest petition presented to The Mayor of Stafford Borough in ten years. Photograph protesters Mike Smith and Helen Bonsall with Councillors Frank Chapman and Jeremy Pert - July 2012
Planning Application for Two Wind Turbines
The residents held neighbourhood meetings, put up posters and banners locally, built and hosted websites, sent round hand delivered leaflets and above all researched and investigated this area, joining with campaigners from across the country

After months of campigning, 'the planning application that never was' is something of a distant memory
Slindon's Save Our Skyline Protest
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