Local Parish Councils - Contact Details
Adbaston Parish Council
The Clerk - Mrs. A. Horton, c/o Orchard Cottage, Bishops Offley, Staffordshire ST21 6ET. Telephone : 01785 280447
Chebsey Parish Council
The Clerk - Mrs. Sue Stokes, 357 Stone Road, Stafford, Staffordshire ST16 1LD. Telephone : 01785 241962
Eccleshall Parish Council
The Clerk - Mrs. Stacey Worden, c/o 16 Newport Road, Great Bridgeford, Staffordshire ST18 9PR. Telephone : 01785 282296
Standon and Cotes Heath Parish Council
The Clerk - David Wright, c/o The Garth, 2 Broc Hill Way, Milford, Staffordshire ST17 0UB. Telephone : 01785 661182
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Eccleshall County Council Division
Eccleshall Borough Council Ward
Additional Division Parishes
Creswell Parish Council
Ward Parishes
The Clerk - Mrs. Nikola Evans, 45 Thorn Close Rugeley, Staffordshire WS15 1TA. Telephone : 07864 751820
Marston Parish Council
The Temporary Clerk - Brian Alderson, c/ o Elm Cottage, Yarlet Lane, Marston, Staffordshire ST18 9ST.
Seighford Parish Council
Swynnerton Parish Council
Whitgreave Parish Council
Whitgreave, Staffordshire
The Clerk - Mrs. Kay Ong. Telephone : 07503 723572
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Jeremy Pert
Delivering for the Eccleshall and wider Stafford Areas
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The Clerk - Mrs. Joe Palmer. Telephone : 01785 227841
Yarnfield & Cold Meece PC
The Clerk - John Fraser, c/o Yarnfield, Staffordshire. Telephone : 07546 456771
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