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Being an elected representative on both Staffordshire County and Stafford Borough Councils, covering the local area to the West of Stafford, is one of the greatest priviledges of my life.

I have sought to champion the issues and concerns that affect local people, as varied as they are - from pot holes and highway maintenance, inappropriate planning, dog fouling and concerns over housing, through to pushing for more local facilities, greater work for local firms and apprenticeships for local young people straight out of college.

As a Cabinet Member on the Borough and a Cabinet Support Member (2017 - 2020) on the County, I have supported a lot of things from raising awareness of Dementia, to the need for a balance of all housing types and tenures, and reducing homelessness, through to supporting Stafford's voluntary sector so it remains strong and vibrant.
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Governor of Newcastle and Stafford Colleges Group
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Delivering for the Eccleshall and wider Stafford Areas
on Staffordshire County and Stafford Borough Councils
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Director of Eccleshall Eagles Junior Football Club Community Interest Company
Independent Equalities Scrutiny Panel member at HM Prison Drake Hall
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